The Establishment of National Coordination Framework Policy

The Establishment of National Coordination Framework Policy


1.0 Introduction:

The Somaliland National AIDS Commission (SOLNAC) is a multi-sectored Government body established through Presidential Decree No, 88 of 28 June 2005. The Commission is providing overall leadership and strategic vision of HIV Response in the country. The main mandates of SOLNAC includes: Coordinate stakeholders in multi- sectored response to HIV and AIDS in the Country, Advocate, validate, facilitate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of national HIV & AIDS strategic plans and action plans. SOLNAC Advocacy program framework seeks to improve mainstreaming of the HIV response into the capacity building and institutional development initiatives, and promoting human rights and gender equality, as outlined in the NSP.


1.1 The General objective:

To develop, strength and build up effective epidemic National response capacities to efficiently deal with exceptional challenges posed by HIV/AIDS to life expectance and socio-economic development of the whole population in Somaliland in short term and long term.

To reduce the spread of new HIV infections and behavioural changes of vulnerable populations

National advocacy and coordination to support policy of all IPTCS Services.


1.2 Specific objectives:

To empower individuals, families and communities with knowledge and skills for HIV/AIDS prevention and community/home-based care.

To strength moral support for people living with HIV (PLHIV) by providing psychological and religious counselling

To foster positive behaviours, attitudes and practices for reducing risks and vulnerability to HIV and STI.

To have quarterly programme management structures for the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the HIV/AIDS and STI response implementation.

To collaborate with various ministries and mainstream HIV and Aids, in order to tackle issues related to stigma and discrimination both community and people living with HIV/AIDS. To further educate and create awareness.

To ensure continuous support by both local and international communities in addressing the impact of HIV/AIDS.


2. Objectives of the policy


  • To develop and establish policies, strategies and priorities for the national response to HIV and AIDS
  • To facilitate development and implementation of communication strategies to support national response and behavioral change
  • To spearhead HIV and AIDS advocacy and create an enabling environment for all stakeholders
  • To coordinate, monitor and supervise the implementation of the National AIDS Strategic Plan and strategies for scaling up the fight against HIV and AIDS
  • To determine research priorities, facilitate research work and use findings to inform policy reform and new developments
  • To mobilize financial and technical resources from all stakeholders and solicit their support in implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes


  1. Deliverables


The following deliverables are expected from this assignment


  • Draft of the National Coordination Framework
  •  Validation workshop



  1. Targeted Audience


  • Government, INGO’’s, UN Agencies, PLWHIV, CBO’s
  • Private Sectors


  1. Time-frame


  • The duration of the assignment will be 3 months


  1. Methodology


  • Presentations about  Organizational Management
  • Examples of Organizational Structures




  1. Timelines/Schedule






Oct. 2020



Review of International policies relevant to our context  





10th Nov. 2020

First draft finalization

  • Brainstorming
  • Presentations



11th Nov. 2020

Presentation of the draft to the Directors

  • Brainstorming
  • Presentation



20th Nov 2020

Validation workshop