Somaliland: National AIDS Commission distributes food Parcels to people living with HIV/AIDS in Burao

Somaliland’s National AIDS Commission has begun to distribute food parcels to vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS in Burao, Togder’s administrative seat amid the coronovirus pandemic. One hundred families living with the disease in Somaliland’s Burao town benefited from the food packages. The director responsible for welfare and treatment for the AIDS Commission, Ms. Sahra Mohamed Hussein, has said that the food rations distributed to the families with HIV/AIDS i the form of Ramadan aid. The regional coordinator for AID’s Commission will hand over the food packages to the intended families. Mr. Mahdi Jama Nur, the regional coordinator for the agency has received the packages. The packages include rice, sugar, dates, wheat flour, maize, beans, pasta,  and milk. National AIDS Commission has been assisting disadvantaged members of the community living with the disease during the holy month of Ramadan with food aid as different parts of Somaliland. SOLNAC plans to continue delivering food parcels to families living with HIV/AIDS.