TOR For TRANSLATING Somaliland National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Policy

1.0 Introduction:

The Somaliland National AIDS Commission (SOLNAC) is a multi-sectored Government body established by Presidential Decree No. 88 of 28 June 2005. The Commission provides leadership, coordination, and strategic vision of HIV Response in the country. The main mandates of SOLNAC include Coordinate stakeholders in multi-sectored response to HIV and AIDS in the Country, reducing horizontal and vertical transmission, raising awareness, advocating, validating, facilitating, monitoring, and evaluating the implementation of national HIV & AIDS strategic plans and action plans. SOLNAC Advocacy program framework seeks to improve mainstreaming of the HIV response into the capacity building and institutional development initiatives and promote human rights and gender equality, as outlined in the NSP.


1.1 The General objective:

  • To develop, strength and build up effective epidemic National response capacities to efficiently deal with exceptional challenges posed by HIV/AIDS to life expectance and socio-economic development of the whole population in Somaliland in short term and long term.
  • To reduce the spread of new HIV infections and behavioral changes of vulnerable populations
  • National advocacy and coordination to support policy of all IPTCS Services.


1.2 Specific objectives for translating national HIV/AIDS prevention and control policy:

  • Translating the draft policy into Somali language to be summited to the cabinet for approval and adoption.
  • Contextualizing and reviewing with the existing effective and pending laws.
  • Finishing the final version for approval and adoption.



2.1. Rationale

  • National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control policy is the framework for all activities in national response.
  • Somaliland National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Policy has been reviewed and in 2020 but is yet pending for approval by the cabinet, warranting translation into Somali language for proceeding.
  • To enhance SOLNAC activities, policy, laws and plans related to HIV/AIDS prevention and control should be established and in effect, and in this regard translation the current pending policy draft should be conducted to be summited for approval.


5. Methodology


  • Contextual and objective guided translation.

6. Time-frame


  • The duration of the assignment is 10 days (10 – 20th May, 2022) of translation, reviewing and presenting the final Somali version.

7. Qualification and experience requirements

  • A graduate degree in Business administration, social science, Health or a similar discipline, or equivalent professional experience
  • Experience 3 years of national policy translations from English to Somali