The Somaliland National AIDS Commission (SOLNAC) is a multi-sectored Government body established through Presidential Decree No, 88 of 28 June 2005. The Commission is providing overall leadership and strategic vision of HIV Response in the country. The main mandates of SOLNAC include: Coordinate stakeholders in multi-sectored response to HIV and AIDS in the Country, Advocate, validate, facilitate, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of national HIV & AIDS strategic plans and action plans. Commision was established along with the “Three One's Principles” of One National Coordinating Body, One National Plan, and One Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. The main functions of the SOLNAC are:

  • To develop and establish policies, strategies, and priorities for the national response to HIV and AIDS
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of communication strategies to support national response and behavioral change
  • To spearhead HIV and AIDS advocacy and create an enabling environment for all stakeholders
  • To coordinate, monitor, and supervise the implementation of the National AIDS Strategic Plan and strategies for scaling up the fight against HIV and AIDS
  • To determine research priorities, facilitate research work, and use findings to inform policy reform and new developments
  • To mobilize financial and technical resources from all stakeholders and solicit their support in implementation, monitoring, and evaluation processes
the Somaliland National Aids Commission (SOLNAC) is directly accountable to the office of the President who is the chairperson of this institution. The Commission comprises the directory committee and the executive directors led by the executive director.
Our Vision

A Somaliland with no new infections, that cares, treats, and supports people living with HIV and AIDS to live long and healthy lives free from stigma and discrimination.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to increase knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS to reduce infection, promote the health and wellbeing of the community and people living with HIV.