National HIV/AIDS Communication strategy validation meeting held at Maan-soor Hotel

National HIV/AIDS Communication strategy validation meeting held at Maan-soor Hotel

Hargeisa (SH)-The Somaliland National Aids for commission (SOLNAC) Held National HIV/AIDS Communication strategy validation meeting at Maan-soor Hotel for the media houses in Marodijeh region, for three days in which that SOLNAC will exhibit a lot of ideas and documents that it focus on the commission clear strategy words to the media houses how and the way it’s to address on the HIV/AIDS narration issues.

   At least 50 media house reporters, director of the commission Ahmed Abdi Ismail, and the Commission consulter Mubarak Maal, rest of the commission department sector’s directors, that meeting is aimed at the above-mentioned direction of the reporting on the HIV/ADIS and how the media house reports deal with those leaving with the HIV/AIDS when the reporter meets with who leaves with that HIV/AIDS.

Opening statement remarks had preached by the commission chairman Ahmed Abdi Ismail and he gave details about the aim of that meeting is being held how the professionally and accurately narrated massage can be covered with whom leaves with HIV/ADIS and he told as SOLNAC the mostly closed partner side of the HIV/AIDS case reporting and the situational coverage are the media house reporters “first here am welcoming you as you are the media house’s representatives and the aim of this one-day meeting of time media reporting on the issues of those leaving with the HIV/AIDS and how you can give reports when you met with by either leaving story (happening that moment) or other ways such like to having interviews with someone leaving with HIV/AIDS or you having talks with HIV/AIDS workers” Ahmed Ismail.

The director added that those media house reporters have closely worked with SOLNAC and when he was explaining that he had this remarks “we the National Commission for HIV/AIDS you’re the best friends we have and always you are with us when we needed to get a hand from you to narrate our mandatory activities of the HIV/AIDS issues and giving you thanks how closely you work with us” SOLNAC Chairman Dr. Ahmed Abdi Ismail.

Dr. Ahmed told to the media reporters specifically this meeting is focusing on the way of the HIV/AIDS issues is to be covered by the media sectors either television, printing, radios or the swiftly delivering and top of the currently influencing Social media to the different situation of that HIV/AIDS could be addressed by those media houses “today we want specifically to address on the best way that you can address on the reporting of the positive cases of the HIV/AIDS issues” Chairman.

Mubarak Mohamed Abdurrahman Maal is the SOLNAC Consulter and also he was one of that training facilitators and he exposed at the meeting hall well prepared of slide document that was talking about this meeting role of those media reporters ” I want be very consciously alerting with my slide section view in which you we will see a lot of benefits as it describes the strategy of the National Commission for HIV/AIDS and the media communication non their reporting or news coverages” Mubarak Maal.

The consulter of the SOLNAC Mr. Mubarak Maal exposed in his slide presentation document very potential tools that are being used by those reporters when they addressing on the HIV/AIDS issues ” maybe you experts than me according to your daily reporting cases but only am telling you to share with you may HIV/AIDs experiences” Mubarak Maal.

The lead consultant Mr. Aidarous Barre also had the second presentation slides that he told a lot of benefit able lessons in which those media reporters have their reactions with that orally he stated many of indispensable ideas about that meeting topic ” maybe you saw many times that Sheikhs are talking about hell only to make fears to the people to set back to dire the sin repeatedly and yet nothing is made change about sins to be away from the people” Aidarous.

Mr. Aidarous added that the aim is to survive selves of those are leaving with HIV/AIDS and to disseminate the results professionally and make the healthy delivering massages to the society to have their awareness relating to the risks surrounding the domain of the HIV/AIDS ” the goal and the aim we have is only to use the best tools when as the media you dealing with the delivering of the positive cases to the people with no harming to those positive people” he added.